Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lots of leading lines to use here!

There are many leading lines that add to the composition of this photo! I tried to get a full body shot, but her face was still blurry...yet another learning curve which I'm sure once I know how to use my lenses and camera to a tee, I will be able to do what I need with the images. Anyways, its getting late.....I don't even want to count how many late nights I've had this week! Funny thing is although I'm tired, my body is pretty stressed, I still keep going when it comes to photography! I'm an addict lately, but in the long run it will all pay off soon enough as I am able to deliver special images, stories, emotions, and dreams through my pictures. Good Night, and stay tuned for my first shots tomorrow. I have an appointment at 10am, and another at 2pm. I just got done setting up all my studio lights, and can't wait to shoot away! Wish me luck! My clients are the hottest guys around, and I can't wait to see them.

Composition and Leading Lines

Where do you see the lines that draw you into this picture?  Leading lines help to lead the viewers eye to the subject. There are both horizontal and vertical lines which really add a powerful sense of perspective.  The thing to remember here are that lines are not always straight, the curves in the lines I used, add so much more to the image.

Diggin the strobes!

So I learned that the biggest difference between a good photographer and a mediocre one is the compostion of the image. Here I tried to get a diagnol compostion to make a more dynamic picture, which I think worked pretty well...and then using the rule of thirds to add more interest. What do you think? I'm just a beginner, so theres still plenty of work to do! Again, diggin the strobes as we used it outside in the dark with our handsome model...So, external light came from the strobes being positioned on the other side while taking this picture. Lens 18-70mm, focal length 44mm, Mmode, 1/125 -F/4.5, ISO 200... I can't wait to have my own strobes one day! These were so much fun!

Working with Dim lights....

This was pretty exciting because I learned how to meter my camera and take pictures balancing my SS(shutter speed), ISO, and f/stop....I grew up thinking we needed flash for everything, and little did I know the miracle of exposure! This is the girlfriend of our male model and I feel so bad that I don't remember their names! I will get it and make sure to do them each justice. I was so into these shots as I manuvered myself into small pockets of space to get the right this assignment was to catch the dim light and make sure it was on our subject. Here I used and 18-70mm F/3.5-4.5 lens, focal length was 50mm, Manual exposure mode, spot metering; 1/30 sec-F4.5, ISO 800. I could of up'd the ISO but then it would of ruined the effect of catching the dim lights and making it work for the camera.

Workin the strobes outside!

Here's another one.....okay, i must be doing something wrong because I can't upload everything....but this is our model who I can't even remember his name due to how excited I was to apply the things I had learned from Bellaora Studios. Check him out! He was such a good model for us:) my HTML skillz need alot of improvement, but as I've worked with the background of my post, it appears that when I view this through internet explorer this picture has some minor problems with pixelation,  but when viewed thru Safari it appears as it should....go figure?  

Friday, January 30, 2009

First time workin the strobe effect!

So I don't have any software yet, so you are getting all these shots as raw as they was our first model, where we learned how to take shots using strobes! He was such a cutie! For some reason it is not letting me add more pictures to this blog, so I will add the others in my next post! Let me know what you think?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bellaora Studio workshop photos coming soon....

So this is the Salt Lake City Main Library where Bellaora studios held their workshop...great place for photographing...the architecture speaks mountains and lots of lines to use to draw your viewer to your subject. My shots are coming...and you can give me your feedback about my attempt to really apply the things I learned! You got to admit though that this is a great venue for using architecture to enhance your pictures.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bellaora Studios!

I attended a workshop provided by BellaOra Studios and had a blast! Todd and Renee were a great team as they taught me about composition, exposure, metering, lighting, portraiture, off camera lighting with strobes, editing, post production, etc. etc. We met at the Main Salt Lake City library where the architecture was incredible and so many great shots to take of complete strangers in motion as well as the cute models they provided. Check them out! I can't wait to attend their workshop for lightroom! My favorite shots coming soon!


I don't know about others but I just can't seem to sleep much these days due to all the self taught materials I'm encountering! There are a plethora of resources that teach you the nuts and bolts of photography. Not to mention the beautiful blogs that allow me to really see what photography is all about. Here are a few of the sites that have taught me more than words can express...seriously, the sharing has taken me to another level of appreciation to those who spend time walking a novice user like me through this craft. I am still trying to find my style, and know that it will soon surface along the way. Here are a few of the links that have kept my nose in the books and computer these last few months: Ken Rockwell rocks as he has taught me so much about working the camera and the differences between brands, plus the delivery of each camera. This is one man who loves photography and is so willing to share his wealth of knowledge. Photo LoveCat is another favorite that has helped with finding tools to understand how to build a business: marketing, branding, etc. 4 wonderful photographers run its site. And last but not least, the wonders of DPS which I came across through Natalie Norton and her blog. DPS helps deliver instructions about photography in layman terms which made all the difference in understanding the main elements to a shoot, using ones aperature, shutter speed, and ISO. I'm sure there are plenty more, so if you know others that can benefit a newbie, please let me know. At night, I find myself looking at pictures and trying to figure out what manual settings the shots are being taken at.....who does that? :) Addiction? or it may be the fact that I haven't been back in a school/study mode since I received my MSW back in 2001. It feels good to be back in the world of academics so to speak, except this time I'm studying something that drives me to learn more!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beach Fun!

What does this picture say to you? What story do you see behind these shots? So we had a whole beach to ourselves as I posted before, but that was because it was considered winter weather in CA, which according to UT winter standards was perfect weather for us. So initially we were just passing by the boardwalk and planned to just visit the beach as onlookers, but my boys couldn't help themselves as their pants came off and into the cold water they went - willingly! Again, taken with blackberry and pushing me to experience more with this new found love!

Awakening Moment

It was this photo that triggered my senses and made my photography desires come to fruition. Last year in November, we went to California to spend time with family and got to enjoy a whole beach to ourselves. I had my blackberry and was just taking shots until I captured these moments which to me are priceless and really set the tone for my journey here. This is a photo of my sister in laws Belle and Kathy with our nephew Dan Jr. This was his first time to the beach and he was ready to attack the water!

Photography speaks to me.......

Like the other blogs I follow, I thought I'd document my journey to this new found love which speaks to me at this time of my life. Photography before meant just taking a snap shoot, capturing my loved ones in a picture without taking into thought the background, the story behind the photo, or what I was trying to communicate with my shots. Point and shoot was all I knew and throughout my life used that easy technique to document high school, college, and family life. Technology of course has made the whole "point and shoot" even easier now that we have cell phones to capture memories and always have access to take pictures anytime, anywhere, etc. However, after a year of following the blogs such as Naomi's, J*, and L's I've been moved to understand the capabilities of expressing more than just a face on a picture. Each time I would log onto to their blogs, I loved the way the images spoke to me and the stories I would read into just by merely looking at the photos. These wonderful ladies have shown the endless abilities of art through considering alot more to a picture than just "point and shoot". Since then I have not taken a picture like I did before. I've been coached and mentored by some amazing people who have only encouraged me to push this new found love to the next level. I have gained a greater appreciation and respect for this craft and have ventured into this world of expression through photography. Thanks to all, you know who you are that have built enough confidence in me to go in this direction! Especially L, and my husband Dan!