Monday, March 30, 2009

Life these days:)

So what have I  been doing lately??? Try to take a wild, photo, family, photo, wedding, photo, family, the balancing act is a work in progress!  but how many times can a person can excited about something over and over again...the impossible is now possible:)  Its amazing all the new things I learn, observe, and process about photography on a daily basis.  I'm still trying to find my personal style and know that I have a long ways to go!  Each day I'm practicing with my camera and am constantly trying to take it all in.  Just the other day, as I looked at my mountains of laundry piling at the second, I decided to take the advice of my good friend Britt by taking pictures of the piles....I know, I probably could of finished two loads of laundry by the time I was done...but playing around with the light, moving some piles into other rooms that were lit, working the angles, cranking up my ISO and learning to work my Nikon was so much fun.  Who does that?  Its too easy to get caught up in concentrating on exposure, focusing, and all the other technical elements instead of light, composition, mood, texture, and dimension.  If there is one thing I'm gaining a better understanding of>>> it is the word "picture".  The word "picture" or "photography" is now 3 dimensional, as I try to find interesting light, or good composition, or texture with my photos.  It can get a bit overwhelming, but I can never say no to the challenge.  I also believe that communication is so key to life and vital to photography.  Communication is how we are to keep good relations with clients, other photographers, help elicit emotions, setting expectations, discussing issues that arise, and provide those we are shooting an experience to remember. Its a good thing I'm a chatter box, and have been in the business of talking to thousands as I teach and advise college students about their education....this journey is always taking new form as I reach farther to grasp the new opportunities that approach.  Its taught me a powerful lesson of self discovery, as i come face to face with myself and realize that rather than having dreams of becoming famous and taking over the world, I'm more interested in improving my quality of life and those around me.  I take time to recharge my creative energy, stay passionate about my craft, and keep balanced.   I may not be the best photographer, but I love it, I will keep doing it and only hope to get better.  Just today I was talking to one of my good friends and had to remind both her and myself to not worry about what others long as you have done your best, that is all that matters...yeah, there are many pix's out there better, but so what....this experience is about making your intentions real and making things happen.  If someone is reading this and interested in photography, don't be scared to pick up that camera!  Just do it!  Take the reigns of your destiny and see it through.  That is my two cents for until then I have alot of catching up to do:)

The Love Train

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Matt n Marci Part I

Meet Matt and Marci!  I had so much fun with them, and seriously with people this lookin this hot, it really makes my job effortless:)  More to come.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tracy and Spencer Part IV

Tracy and Spencer Part III

Tracy and Spencer Part II

Tracy and Spencer Part I

Meet Tracy and Spencer!  Aren't they the cutest couple???  Well, truth be known they are actually really good friends who both happen to be models.  Spencer is Tracy's home teacher and throughout the shoot, I kept telling them- they could of fooled me!  Who knows this may have directed their friendship into a whole new level:)  They were so fabulous to shoot that it was so hard to narrow it just bare with me as I post some of my favorites.  I'm still trying to get the post production of my work down...slowly but surely right:)  I also have to thank Kayleen for putting this shoot altogether.  She has seriously helped me in so many ways than she knows.  Enjoy!

More to come!