Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photography speaks to me.......

Like the other blogs I follow, I thought I'd document my journey to this new found love which speaks to me at this time of my life. Photography before meant just taking a snap shoot, capturing my loved ones in a picture without taking into thought the background, the story behind the photo, or what I was trying to communicate with my shots. Point and shoot was all I knew and throughout my life used that easy technique to document high school, college, and family life. Technology of course has made the whole "point and shoot" even easier now that we have cell phones to capture memories and always have access to take pictures anytime, anywhere, etc. However, after a year of following the blogs such as Naomi's, J*, and L's I've been moved to understand the capabilities of expressing more than just a face on a picture. Each time I would log onto to their blogs, I loved the way the images spoke to me and the stories I would read into just by merely looking at the photos. These wonderful ladies have shown the endless abilities of art through considering alot more to a picture than just "point and shoot". Since then I have not taken a picture like I did before. I've been coached and mentored by some amazing people who have only encouraged me to push this new found love to the next level. I have gained a greater appreciation and respect for this craft and have ventured into this world of expression through photography. Thanks to all, you know who you are that have built enough confidence in me to go in this direction! Especially L, and my husband Dan!

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