Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Website is almost done!!!!! YAY!

Like the picture above, I feel like all the pieces are coming together as my new website will be ready to launch very soon. I feel like I have been spinning and spinning to get this off the ground but revamping this website has taken alot longer than planned but also given me time to really review my business plans and goals for this year. Can you believe its already been a year since I picked up a camera and dived into all of this stuff...Time sure does fly by!

If I would of listened to my husband, this project probably would of been DONE long time ago, had I hired someone to work on my website....but no, I'm such a DIY kind of person that nothing seems to hard and if I have to teach myself, I will......which has resulted in way too many months of trying to get my website together and all my work showcased: lots and lots and lots of pictures that still have yet to make the web:. Yes, had I spent a few hundred dollars and outsourced this job it would of been done with a quickness, but with this economy saving money is the best thing one can do for themselves!

However, ask me if I would ever try this again - HECK NO! There are just too many codes to keep track of! I am grateful to know that there are professionals who know what they are although this DIY has taken long, next time I should need an upgrade, I've learned that I may just have to save up for that one:)..did i just contradict myself? its called rationalizing! middle name!

Don't expect anything grand, but I'm happy and will hope to have it up and running here very soon:) Thanks to all those who continue to follow my work despite my efforts and habits of DIY, my crazy schedule, and being behind on posting my work!

This year has been exceptional as I have limited the shoots I take on and its been such a relief to have more control over my work. I know last year was all about trial and error. I never said "No" to a job and found myself barely surviving all the work that had come my way. So as I began booking into 2010, I made sure to take on what I could handle amidst juggling a my family time, a FT job, and just everything!

I'm bummed I had to forfeit my going to WPPI this year because that was a foundational piece to my photography. WPPI was really the place that allowed me to learn what I needed to do to make all the difference in my business....but my man trumped WPPI by far and we were able to enjoy a lil' unplanned getaway with no kids to California. It was so worth it!

I have lots to share and can't wait to get everything up and running. Until then!

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