Dear Internet,
I don't know what else to say other than I have done a terrible job in blogging for the last few months. Please be patient with me as I promise there is alot in store with the new year soon approaching. Things have been so fast paced with my work that I've focused lately on just getting things done for my clients in a timely manner. I also am working on a new blog and alot of great products for the new year. For those of you who have had a photo session with me this year and have yet to see your pictures posted to my blog.... it is in the works and I will have everything up before the end of the year. To be quite honest, being that this is my first year in the photography industry, I think I got a little too excited and booked way too much work not taking into consideration my post production and then having to overlap photo shoots while still working through post production with past shoots. Then of course I have my FT job with WGU, mom, wife, etc, etc. I don't want to make up too many excuses but to simplify - LIFE has just been very busy with everything going on and I apologize.

So please bare with me and thank you in advance for those who have still continued to follow and support my work. I am booked until July of 2010 and will be taking on more after July. If you have anything going on before then, you are welcome to check with me for cancellations and I can see what we can do. However, for sure anytime after July should be open as of right now.

Until then, I hope to have everything up and going with my new website, look, and plans for the new year! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week and stay tuned for all my recent work for the past few months.