Wednesday, July 1, 2009



I have to thank each of my workshop participants, models, and hair/makeup stylist for making today possible. Thank you Monalisa, Kristina, Myrna, Lola, Ronnie, Luisa, CJ, Eden, Adriu, Sailau, and Denise for making my first workshop a success! I hope everyone gained what they expected to learn and all I can say is that you all rocked it out hardcore....I loved seeing you all in action, and especially when you were able to take the initiative with our models directing....that was like the cherry on top for me:) CJ, Eden, Sailau, and Adriu-the chemistry, your personalities, and urban style brought it all together=producing nothing but perfection. Denise Lyons, loved the edgey and dramatic hair and makeup. The pictures turned out hecka tight and I couldn't resist posting just this one for now.

So instead of giving Lightroom and Photoshop CS4 away easily, I put my participants to a lil' challenge. As they learned different techniques of composition their homework was to implement those skillz with the images they produce. So please ya'll, pick one picture that you would like to submit and let me know by Friday July 3rd, 2009. I will then allow a week for voting, and whoever has the most votes will win. 1st prize winner will get PS CS4, and 2nd will receive Lightroom. I also will have something for our 3rd prize winner. So Myrn, Mona, Kris, Lola, Ronnie, and Luisa please filter through all your fabulous pictures and get back at me by this Friday.

Good luck and thanks again for everything!


Ronnie said...

Seini, I want to be the first to say THANK YOU - MAHALO - MALO!!! I truly enjoyed myself last night as you shared your experiences and insight. I learned a lot and realized I have A LOT MORE to learn! What an amazing evening!

touchthesky said...

DITTO!! It was fun watching you work and learning from you as well.. Love your style and hope to keep learning from you!! How can I work when I have so many pictures to look at? LOL.. Thanks again Sein.. I'll send you mine hopefully today :) Oh, and made some new friends as well.. thanks again ladies, the beautiful models and especially you Sein!

Puanani Tuiolosega said...

OMG, I love it!

Lavs said...

<3 it!!! <3 ur drive, <3 the photos, <3 you the mostest!!! sorry i missed this one!! but i just wanna be prepared to bring my A game and win alll the prizes haha (hopefully) nah just to get some experience from the experienced aye!!! g'd job Jane!!

ma'elePHOTO said...

sooooo LOVE it Sein!!!!

SOOO wish I could have been there!!! LOVE it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Seini -
After catching up with you over the weekend, I thought I'd take a minute from work and seek out your work. I am very impressed and am proud of what you've done thus far! Keep up the great work, your putting out great work and I will definitely be calling you to shoot a few of my upcoming events.
Love ya, Nini