Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My "subjects" for life!

My kids are seriously models in training with all the pictures I've been taking of them lately and pose practicing at home.  They use to be so excited about taking pictures, but with the recent overexposure - I now have to bribe and entice them to get some good shots.  Luckily, they still have quite a few years with me at home.... they are my "subjects" for life:)


Maka said...

So cute! My poor son has had to endure 1000's of photoshoots because both of his parents are photo crazies! Nice work!! Your kids are naturals!

Ronnie said...

GOOD JOB! I love the 3rd photo w/ Lehua...vibrant colors! And my fave it the last photo...toooo cute! Can't wait to see more!

The Finau Family said...

Your kids are beautiful.. I think every photographers kids are going to form some kind of group like a rehab of some kind.. LOL.. My kids are probably going to be the head of it. Dont worry when they get older they will have given up the fight and just hurry and sit thru the shoot. LOL.. My kids can sit thru one and do it in less then 30 min.. They game now is to try and beat the time of the last shoot I MADE them do.. LOL

Jonni said...

And what beautiful subjects they are. They are all SO CUTE! :)