Sunday, March 8, 2009

Balancing Act!

Yeah, I just finished all my normal chores of laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc. since I came back from WPPI.  It seriously took me about 2-3 weeks just to get back to my normal weekly tasks.  I was so energized after that conference and was living on no sleep, booking appts left and right, and making no time to just relax.  Then, earlier this week I was in my office removing my lens, had to grab the cap for the body in my bedroom and when I walked into my office, there Lehua was sticking her finger in my sensor..mental note to self- NEVER, NEVER leave camera alone in office!  I immediately tried to take pictures and everything was black and dark.  Even with my ISO at its highest and shooting at light, nothing was to be seen on the camera Arrrrhhhhhh!  I couldn't believe my camera was gone within just a few seconds.  Serves me right for just leaving it on my desk thinking it was safe.  What kid would resist sticking their finger in that big hole of the camera...... So my appts I cancelled even though one of my best friends had a backup for me, but all of this made me realize that I need to make time to catch up with my family and home- so that I did.  

This weekend has been so relaxing, that in between games and movies I would sneak to my office to play around with photoshop...there's something about down time and editing.  Its like the two are much as I tried to stay away from my computer it was impossible.  The only way to keep me from my office was to actually leave the house which we did do eventually.   However, photoshop is such a daunting beast that I just haven't gotten my head around it.  I'm taking the weekly class, but its so overwhelming.  So now I've resorted to online tutorials and all the resources available online.  I also plan to learn from pros like Kayleen who taught me so much on Friday.  Thanks Kayleen for taking the time to help me with photoshop and just working my imac:) 

 Kayleen also gave me a book to read called "Fast Track" which I fell in love with.  If you are serious about photography and what it can have in store for you-this book is for you.  This book is so empowering, it helped me to define who I am as a photographer, to affirm my own uniqueness.  I also have to thank Kathy for helping both Kayleen and I with building our businesses.  She shared with us just how unique we are, and the advantages of using that to our photography.  I'm beginning to realize more and more just how great this passion has lived up to be.  Its a constant learning process, as I'm learning things daily which brings on new challenges to push myself...and I love that! Each day I focus on the importance of finding my style and then expanding the endless possibilities that photography offers.  There are so many opportunities, and there is so much time to learn!  

So anyways, as I jump back and forth, the picture above is an edited version from photoshop, and hopefully I can continue to learn and apply some of the things needed to make my pictures really pop!  I got my camera fixed, luckily it wasn't any serious damage, but I will be back in business this week gearing up for family portraits!  Now that my chores are finally done, I'm excited about how productive this next week will be with more time on my hands to really apply what I've learned this week about photoshop, and business.  And to think the balancing act before photography entered my life was hard....if anything its spiced up that whole scenerio and definitely makes things more interesting at home:)  All I can say is that I have the most amazing husband who continues to stand at my side to make this all a reality for me, and fills in for my neglection (i know thats not a word, but you know what i mean) of household chores.  Love ya Hun!


sepa said...

very cool! good for you for sticking with photoshop. it's a beast indeed. xox

Corinna See said...

I love this post, I can relate on SO many levels. Our house is finally tidy after WPPI. LOL

My husband is amazing too. :)

Jonni said...

What adorable little sweeties you have and I am so jealous you got to attend WPPI, but happy you had a blast. Sorry to hear about your camera. That sounds like something that would happen in our house too.

I just bought a ExpoDisc Neutral for White Balance and it seriously rocks, have you tried it? LOVE it!

Take care.


Mary Marantz said...

that's awesome!! Keep at's a process!!

Vaitai 6 said...

Can I just add that you are one of the most GIVING, LOVING people I know???? Thank you SO SO SO much for the book, Fast Track... and for thinking of US while tackling this adventure.

And our hubbies are crazy to let us tackle this passion head on. I can't believe Jared let me blow all that $ on my new cam and equipment. Makes me want to cry, 'cause heaven KNOWS there are a gazillion other places it could have gone. LOVE YOU JANE! Thank you again!!!!