Monday, May 25, 2009

Evening with a few Lady Steelers - TEASER

These young ladies, are gorgeous inside and out. Its hard to believe that these beauties are rugby players! They know how to look stunning on and off the field balancing school, work, love, sports, and life. Be ready to let these women take your breathe away and be in awe. Love you girls!


Thank you to our makeup artist and hair stylist, courtesy of Denise Lyon's team. Also thank you L for traveling all the way down from California for our sleepless weekend:)


Ronnie said...

ooooh! look at those heels! i can't wait to see the pics! HURRY, seini!

AhquinOhana said...

Can't wait to see their shoot!


I can't wait for you to take our family pics, you are amazing!! :)

Dasl*it Photography said...

Wow this shot is a teaser for sure.. Cant wait to see the rest of em