About Seini

Seini Photography is all about having an experience that is Sweet, full of Style, and creating Sophisticated memories. Through my photography, I hope to open peoples eyes and let their true beauty shine through. I love to capture the unexpected, the inbetweens, and ensuring that my clients pictures can be a true representation of who they are, and the relationship they share. From capturing the love between a new couple, the love of a parent and child or the glow and anticipation of motherhood, these sights are irreplaceable and deserve to be photographed. I educate my clients and teach them that the best portrait is not necessarily the one where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, but the one that shows their true spirit.....I love capturing that! I've always enjoyed photography and it wasn't until recent that this unbreakable passion surfaced. Today, this passion has turned into a dream come true profession with so many new possibilities still ahead. My greatest inspiration and source of joy is my beautiful children and ultra haute husband. Without them none of this would be possible.

I love style, and I'm committed to create extraordinary and fashionable photos to reflect your sophisticated taste and desires. By choosing Seini Photography you will have a peace of mind knowing that my experience means satisfaction. In order to provide the personalized attention and service you deserve, Seini Photography only accepts a limited # of shoots each year. Feel free to visit my site, check out some sweet pictures and the latest news with Seini Photography. This journey has taken me for a remarkable ride and I welcome you to be part of my journey. Contact me today for your complimentary initial consultation.