Sunday, April 19, 2009

On pause for the moment.........

So things have been pretty hectic on my end with my moms hospital stay. Shes had a few hiccups with her operation, problems with dehydration, and then operated on again. Theres nothing else I'd rather be doing than just being with her. Its funny because although theres not much to do at the hospital, other than watch and attend to her needs, it is so emotionally draining. I'm eager to get behind my camera though and am inspired by my mom, this experience, and the new light its given to my life and the work that is ahead of me. Thanks all for being so patient with my cancelled appts, and understanding of my schedule. I will be in touch with each of you this week to confirm your new appt dates and times. Oh yeah and the makeover pictures are kind of on their way. The last thing I want is to embarass my mom, so she still needs some convincing. I hope to post them soon with her permission:)

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