Saturday, April 4, 2009


Drumroll please......After I posted, I figured I probably gave it away when I mentioned that Marci's parents were with her...but the recipient of movie tickets goes to the famous Oto Tuiaki of Sugar Plum Cakes.  Congrats Oto!  Oto is a dear friend, and she has created some of the most amazing cakes for me, and my family.  She can make anything out of a cake.. and I have been nothing but impressed with her work.  Please check her out, and if you have a bday, party, or special occasion needing a cake to impress, this is the woman to call.  So hopefully Oto, you can find some time to take a break with your honey and watch a movie on me:)  Email me your address, and I can send it or drop it off for you:)

As Oto posted, Marci is 15 yrs old and was such a cute model.  Shes definitely going to make some waves in her career as she is making her dreams come true by getting an early start and helping photographers like myself to build my portfolio and camera skills.  

Post production of pictures is taking alot of time for me right now...between working a full time job, caring for my kids, dishes, laundary, breakfast, lunch, dinner, showers, bednight stories, and tucking my kids only to prepare for the same rountine the next editing time is found in between all of this.  Its a daunting task, but I love the creative flexibility I have to produce art that says more than just the photo alone. 

Thanks to all those who visit, and stay tuned for more!:)



Anonymous said...

Ah man, I missed out on your contest! No worries...I know you'll have another one VERY soon to celebrate you 10K hits! Congrats, Oto!!!

Oto said...

Woohoo!!!! I won!!!!! I'm soooo stoked! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

Spahulu Photography said...

Congrats Oto! Email me your address and I will get it to you. Don't worry Ronnie, another will come around....and since not too many people comment on my blog your chances of winning are higher:)