Friday, April 3, 2009

Pretty Mat Templates

Testing out a few mat templates! Its been a whirlwind of learning since photography entered my world, but I am so enjoying the art of it, the many people I have met, and still can't believe how much work one is able to get simply by word of mouth.  Heres one of my many favs of Matt and Marci:)....and of course Tracy n Spencer.  I have to explain here a little about these beautiful people who are doing a great job of showcasing my blog.  First of like I mentioned before Spencer is Tracy's good friend, these two are in the top photo and worked the camera like no other, it was like magic once they got together:)  I'm always amazed at how well models can act, and I'm sure being friends helped to make the shoot even easier for these two.  Now, in the picture below we have Matt and Marci.  Matt is Tracy's brother, and being that they are both models, it was obvious that they are close siblings which I will have picture of the two later.  Then we have Marci, who has the most incredible eyes...anyone want to take a guess at how old she is?  Marci didn't talk too much and was there with her parents.  Its was so cute, because both her mom and dad were there taking pictures of her with us.  Marci is a beautiful young lady ready to get her modeling career off the ground.  I really did enjoy myself with these shoots and am still trying to catch up with my editing.  I just started this blog at the end of January and can't believe how many people have visited.  So to celebrate my blog, I'm going to have a lil' contest.  The first person who can guess how old Marci is, will get two free movie tickets to Cinemark theatres....take a guess, you can only guess once....I will only take your first answer, and the first one to answer it correctly will be the lucky recipient of movie tickets!  Please make sure to post your answer in the above post...I also want to thank all of those who come by and leave comments...who leave me sweet messages, construtive feedback, and support.  I love receiving comments as it helps me to focus on the areas that still need improvement...which there are many!  I'm still new to this but hope to get better throughout this year.  Off to more editing!

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