Friday, April 3, 2009

Take a Guess?

Thank you to all who have taken time to visit my blog!  To celebrate over 5000 views of my humble website, I'm hosting a lil' contest.  If you read the post below, you will know what your prize is.....take a guess at how old Marci is?  BTW, Melissa and L, this big picture is for you both..thanks for keeping it real! Now I have to figure out how one can click and the size or picture doesn't change...... More big pictures to come....thx!


Lita said...

Well she looks like mid 20s but since were supposed to guess she is probably quite young. This beautiful girl is probably 14?? Keep up the great work.
Love Lita:)

Oto said...

Like Lita...since we're guessing I'm sure it's a shocking # like 15 for the young and 40 for the old...I hope I didn't offend...can I submit two guesses?

The Finau Family said...

I'm going to go with 17.. Thats my guess.. I hope I win