Monday, February 23, 2009

Being Resourceful!

I don't know about you, but photoshop CS4 can get a bit daunting between understanding how to work all the different layers, masks, etc. So if you would like more help, join me in a 10 week free course which my friend Amy told me about. Thanks Amy!

Here are more details:
Here’s the website and a bit of info below:

CreativeTechs is kicking off a free, 10-week, worldwide, Photoshop course.
Jason Hoppe, our Adobe Certified Instructor, has designed a comprehensive course that covers Photoshop CS4 in detail. If you’ve been meaning to improve your Photoshop skills, now is the perfect opportunity:

Week 1, Feb 26 - Interface, Tools, and ShortcutsWeek 2, Mar 5 - Photoshop LayersWeek 3, Mar 12 - SelectionsWeek 4, Mar 19 - Advanced SelectionsWeek 5, Mar 26 - MasksWeek 6, Apr 2 - Pen Tool / Shape LayersWeek 7, Apr 9 -Drawing Tools / BrushesWeek 8, Apr 16 - RetouchingWeek 9, Apr 23 - Color Correction pt 1Week 10, Apr 29 - Color Correction pt 2

Want to enroll? Sign-up here: Free Photoshop CS4 Course Enrollment.
And yes, you can pass this offer along to friends, or even post it on your blog. Help spread the word. We need a minimum of 1,000 people enrolled to make this free class viable.
Read on for an extended Q&A, and to ask your own questions in the comments.
Q: What Time Do Classes Start?
A: That depends on where you live. People attend these workshops from all over the world. We start at 11AM Thursday mornings in Seattle. Here are the start times for time zones in the United States:
2PM - Eastern (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Florida)1PM - Central (Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas)12PM - Mountain (Denver, Phoenix)11AM - Pacific (Seattle, Los Angeles)10AM - Alaska9AM - Hawaii
For international participants, follow this link to see how 11AM in Seattle translates to around time zones around the world: What time is 11AM in Seattle?
For those of you that live in Utah...if you are interested in free photography workshops, Sepa signed me up for a few courses provided by pictureline. Isn't it great to know that there are people who love this line of work and are willing to share techniques and skills valuable to ones photography. I love it! Thats definitely paying it forward, which I hope one day to do. So check out pictureline and enroll for courses that may benefit you and your photog goals this year!
There is also another group here in Utah that provides free workshops. Thanks Kathy! You can check it out here:


Crystalyn said...

hey seini, this is awesome! could i still take it if i am working on cs3?

i'm going to try calling you this week... : )

sepa said...

did someone say free? just signed up for the photoshop class. :)

Vaitai 6 said...

Sein... you are SO AWESOME... now that's what I'm talking about. You're talking the language my wallet understands. Again, sharin' the LOVE! We could ALL learn a little more Adobe CS 3 or 4!!!

Lucia Photography said...

awesome :)

Corinna See said...

Love the free photoshop class. Thanks for sharing. I also really like the collages of images from WPPI and your son. How did you create them?

Eagle Mountain Photography said...

I'm glad you (and everyone else) are excited about the free photoshop class I mentioned to Seini! See you there!

angie b said...

Hi My name is Angie and I just came across your blog. Wow...thank you so much!!!!!!!
I am so bummed I missed the photowalking here!