Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Can I just say I had an amazing day today.....got to spend time with those who made themselves available to me when I was first introduced to photography! Yeah, I remember when first getting into this industry, Jasmine Star, JD, and David Jay were considered like the "untouchables".... I almost made myself believe that I couldn't talk to them until I was at their level. One day I challenged that assumption, and J* proved me wrong time and time again as she was so quick to respond to my inquiries about beginning my photog journey. And her responses were not canned in anyway, which typically with busy people you can tend to expect...each response I received her was heartfelt and she was so sincere. And although, J* is able to share bits and pieces of JD, he is just as great! Then there's David Jay, who must of been having a good day as he was able to reach out to me as I have been preparing for my own personal website. He couldn't have reached out at a more perfect time! Sorry bout the pix! The last thing I wanted to do was take pictures while we hung out, so as I was leaving their room, I just got my lil' blackberry and shot away which does no justice whatsoever. Think about it, if you were in my shoes hanging out with these great people, the last thing you want to do is ruin it by taking pictures while conversating right!....so here is some pix from this afternoon.....my experience with J* is another blog in itself! So I will share that most amazing experience tomorrow for sure!
Managing a blog when working a very tight schedule is so hard to do, but for those awaiting my next post - I can't help but feel compelled to share because I know there are many who wanted to be out here at WPPI, and for various reasons could not make it. Well if I haven't said it enough, WPPI has been the most amazing experience thus far! I can't stress enough just how important it is for us to realize the potential we have to reach out to others. Theres a saying that David J shared with me today and that was a quote by Tim Sanders - "Your network is your networth"....Its the people around us, the people we know, that we can share a part of ourselves with, thru our work. When we choose to understand anothers perspective, it allows our minds to expand. In this industry, we have to maximize our greatest asset which is ourselves! Think about it.....maximize who you are, be real, and others will appreciate it. David J, further reminded me that the most valuable thing we can take away from WPPI is getting to know others. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind of life that we forget to stop and really take time to "see" the beauties and freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis. Most of the workshops I've attended has focused on the this concept of networking and I've seen the return it has by making time to really get to know others beyond just photography. I've made wonderful friends out here and am saddened that it is almost over. I've learned that when real connections are made, real experiences are created and that memory is what lives on. This very same concept is what we need to do with our photography. Photography is more than just taking a picture! Its about capturing timeless emotions that will provide a treasured memory that you can't put a price tag on. WPPI has been nothing but days full of innovative ideas, and to end this blog tonight, as I spent time with David Jay catching up in his suite earlier today, he said something that I'll never forget. This was a quote his Dad shared with him, " Truly make your business about helping people, and you'll be successful". David Jay thank you for such a wonderful time today up in your schwanky suite! Also thanks JD for being there! J*, I'm taking your advice to heart! So I spent about two hours chatting with these great people about the future of this industry. As you can imagine I was pretty starstruck just being in their presence. They were so down to earth, eager to help, and just such wonderful people to be with. You wonder why they are so successful? They are modeling what this industry is and where its heading. The time I spent with them was seriously the icing on the cake!
Then as if my day couldn't get any better, my sis L came down from the high desserts and will be spending the rest of the week here with me! Its not often L and I get to really hang out like this due to our busy schedules as moms...so this is a treat which we are taking advantage of!


sepa said...

yay! so glad you remembered to click. can't wait to read about your meeting with J*. good on ya, girl! xox

Ronnie said...

WOW WOW WOW...WPPI sounds so life-changing! You've had an amazing week! Can't wait to read more. How nice for you and L - Have fun!

Joan Solitario said...

Your posts makes me HAPPY! I had a HUGE SMILE on my face! hahah okay you must think I'm a weirdo! Can't wait to read more and again THANK YOU FOR SHARING SEINI! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!