Friday, February 27, 2009

Sione & Keiti Pouha






Ronnie said...

i LOVE the middle picture of the first collage! that really captures the moment! i swear it belongs in the Ensign or something! and i love the 2nd can really see how much they adore their lil' princess. good job!!!

Ronnie said...

I should've checked my comment before posting....what I meant to say is i LOVE the middle picture of the third collage...where Sione is hugging that palangi guy...THAT belongs in an Ensign or something sentimental! great lighting and everything! you don't see any facial expressions but their body language alone speaks volumes of how special their relationship must be...and you captured it!

Spahulu Photography said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for always commenting. It definitely helps to know how others vies the pictures, and what you like. I can't wait to hear about your find and if you have narrowed your search. Take Care!