Monday, February 16, 2009

WPPI Family!

Charlie and Jennifer Maring - this couple has their A game on all the time. They rock!
These guys and gals are the best! They are from all over the world and are some of the fabulous friends I've gained out here:)

This is Yervant from Aussie! You have to check out his work!

Okay, so the first few days as I attended my classes, people were always referring to our conference group as a family, and I kind a laughed to myself because the word "family" has so much more significance and deeper meaning right.....I thought to myself, these people are not family! Well, now that I am 5 days into the WPPI conference, I now see a family forming through the many friendships I've established here. I really do consider these people as family only because I have created so many bonds with people who are eager to share and help a rookie out. I'm so glad I came out early to attend the Plus Classes, Business Institute, and All About Schools Institute because they were much more intimate, and worthwhile. These meetings really allowed me to be in an environment where I felt like my instructors were aware of my presence and took time to help me build upon my photography learning blocks.
Above are some pictures of people I've met while being the top is Charlie and Jennifer Maring. They are incredible! I honestly can say that the two days I spent with them has changed my life dramatically. They gave me so many tools to implement into my goals this year. These two are amazing and really took the time to help not only me but each of my classmates.
Picture #2 is some of the wonderful photographers I've met here. Many of us attended the Marings Plus course, and friendships were developed instantly from those two days. Coming as a newbie to WPPI, and by myself, really helped me to reach out and not be ashamed to ask questions, and connect with people all over the world. At first, I had my reservations because I was coming to this conference all by myself, and am so new to the world of photography. So thank you all: (L to R) Ginger, Beli, Robin, Dave, and Chung for hanging out at the Mock Wedding presentation. The 2 days spent with the same group of people in the Marings presentation really helped me to gain a sense of belonging. Each day, no matter where I went, its been so refreshing to see my buddies from the Plus course and have an instant connection. I don't know how else to explain it, but pretty much anyone that I've come in contact with is either willing to share, answer my questions, and tell me about their experience as a photographer which is a gold mine! I really do feel so blessed to be here, surrounded by the best of the best:) I have made some lifetime friends which I'm grateful for.
The third photo is Yervant. He is a prestige and well known wedding photographer from Australia. His work is da bomb! I love his style and although I towered over him, he was such a cute man to be around. He delivered a presentation in the businees institute which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Then last but not least, I have to share my "DJ" experience. So since I began following the blog of J* last year, I've grown very fond of David Jay's (DJ) work. I have yet to meet him in person but have viewed his many sites, adored his work and am obviously a huge fan. So last night after my husband and I came back from our Valentine's night out, I checked my blog and lo n behold I saw a comment from thee "DJ"! I had to take a double look, and then I even checked the links again to make sure my mind wasn't messin with me.....Dude, I was so star struck just seeing his name that I began screaming and my husband thought something was wrong. I then began to tell him that DJ was on my site and was giving it props on his website. What an honor DJ, that is all I have to say. So anyways, come to find out that we are staying in the same hotel, and I get to meet him and his team in person tomorrow! I am so psyched and can't even sleep because of having this opportunity. I would of never have thought that lil' ole me, wannabe photog, rookie of WPPI would meet DJ! All I can say is that we've been in contact since yesterday, and I'm stoked for tomorrow! I'm planning to meet J* there - Hollah!
So thanks to my WPPI family for everything! This conference seriously has gotten me so pumped about my goals, and projection of where I want my work to be within this next year. Learning from the best in the business is what it is all about! Listening to powerful and real experiences puts my dreams in reaching distance! I already know that my business plans wil make leaps this year if I apply the many things I've learned. Good Night!


Joan Solitario said...

Wow! I can feel the excitement you're feeling!! Thanks for sharing your wppi days with us!

sepa said...

i see you stayed up late to blog. good for you. your excitement kept me up a few hours after we hung up. stepping out of your comfort zone into the big world all by your lonesome can be a wonderful experience, and i'm so glad you did it. it already sounds like you're better for it. :)

thanks for updating your blog, and keeping us lookey-loos in the loop. i've decided we're getting together for dinner when you get back so we can hear and see firsthand the fruits of your adventures. :)

looking forward to reading about your meeting with DJ and the beyond popular J*. in the meantime, take care of you and stay safe. xox

Vaitai 6 said...

Seriously Sis!!! You totally rock. I am amazed at your ability to just GO AND GET IT!!!! right on. I'll be there tomorrow morning. I can't wait to meet up with you. I just got your text and am
SO AMAZED!!! WOW!!! I love you, and can't wait to SEE what you've learned!


Ronnie said...

Just like Joan said...I SO FEEL YOUR EXCITEMENT! It's so inspiring, Seini. "Vaitai 6" hit it on the have such a great 'go-get'em' attitude that I love about you. Keep it always - I look forward to the next post!!!

Ronnie said...

WOW...DJ has freakin commented on your blog! You MUST be doing SOMETHING RIGHT!

Spahulu Photography said...

U guys are too sweet! Seriously its amazing what passion, drive, motivation, inspiration, and education can do when its being channeled into something that you love! Today was an amazing day, and I will definitely share just how amazing it was:)

Irwin Funes said...

Hey Seini, its Irwin (not Dave)! It was great meeting you in Vegas, you are such a sweet heart! I've got your blog in my RSS feed, so I'll be keeping up wit you from now on. Take care, and I'll see ya next year!