Thursday, February 5, 2009

Okay the Learning Curve is getting steeper- but here goes!

Okay so not only are things getting pretty technical but my learning curve has increased drastically and I still have yet to touch lightroom or I've been jotting down my goals for this year and the kind of shoots I would like to capture. I want to dip my camera into a little of everything and truly believe that it will only help me to reach my full potential of making it as a wedding photographer. So just as I feel like I'm getting to know my camera, I realize there is still so much more to learn!!!! Here are the type of shots I'm aiming for this year, but my primary focus will be on weddings.

Weddings: engagements, bridals, pre-wedding,ceremony, day after wedding shots
High School Seniors
Model and talent portfolios (#10 didn't forget)
Events: Musical, Dance, Concerts

So that alone takes up most of the year for scheduling that are in the works! I'm estatic to join Kayleen this weekend for bridals. This gal has been a tremendous influence to me and my work since I started my blog. Also, I plan to take my cam to a lil' concert that my girlfriend Sepa invited us to kz her husband is a "rockstar"...this woman has always been a solid sounding board to help me keep grounded and follow through with all of this...and then I may have a family shoot of 30 as well. I know, I know...I need to limit my work but I figure if I make the time for it now it will only expose me to my flaws, and of course added studies to my learning curve. Then next week I am heading out to Vegas for WPPI where I have already started networking so I can meet up with others there. I wasn't sure about going, but J* encouraged me to go and has been such a great mentor and friend. She has also helped me to really keep perspective with the details of my vision and how best to learn and budget well with the little I have. Can't wait to meet her and so many others out there! Viva Vegas:)....Then I have a wedding with my sis L who also is making sure we're on our toes and constantly learning and goal setting on a weekly basis. The networking opporutunities that I have found are just so rewarding! I've been blessed to have appts lined up which will help me meet my goals and can't wait to find my style of photography . Here is a sneak peek of what my calendar already looks like:

February: babies, children, concert, WPPI, family
March: CD release, family, dance event, model group shoot, wedding
April: family, children, senior portraits
May: wedding, CD release, maternity
June: family, children, wedding
July: family, newborn
August: family

I've been blown away at the response I've received for appointments and am so excited to get this show on the road. Nonetheless, the technical learning is also very important to me and has taken me for a ride every night as I research and study a few important things such as: lighting-studio and natural, my camera, posing, props, backgrounds/locations, Photoshop, lightroom, digital work flow, design, printing/burning, album layouts, branding, pricing, marketing, networking, are only to name a few. My work is definitely still cut out for me this year and I'm so determined to do it! My husband has been my backbone through all of this and has always seen my creativity expressed in many different ways, but his support in this endeavor only drives me to utilize this outlet to its fullest potential. I want to be able to capture the original moment of inspiration for each picture that I take. Thank you all for helping me get this far! This learning curve began with inspiration, and like they say, if you don't work hard to get into the daily grind of something you love, then you can never be polished. You have to be prepared to give up your leisure time, work past 6pm on weekends, and persue your dreams without getting discouraged.


Lavs said...

Hey Jane!!! Love the site and the photos you've taken thus far... It's a fun job & I'm glad ur doing it :] I'll come and help anytime kz you know I just love to take photos, but I'm not serious like you & L (but you guys sure do drive me) anyways Love it and can't wait to see more... If you need models... haha I'll starve myself!!! haha jk jk i could never!! haha LOVE YOU TONS!!!

Joan Solitario said...

I love reading how much you've learned! I HAVE TONS TO LEARN TOO! Sometimes I feel I'm so behind because technology is increasing rapidly and I can't keep up!

Angela Fielding said...

Lovin Ava! Yeah for Brits!Look at all your awesome goals! You go girl!

sepa said...

full steam ahead! i don't know where you get your energy, but i need some to rub off on me. go towards the light, my friend. you can sleep when you die.


Spahulu Photography said...

Thanks girls! I figure it I put my goals out there it will help me stay more accountable:)
Lavs-you can model for me anytime and when your big day arrives, I will be there from the day your significant other conceives the idea of proposing to you:):):)...

Joan,at least your up to date with things..can I learn to at least use photoshop and lightroom before the new version surfaces.

Angela, Brits rock! Their music is so my style at least Adele and Ava. I'm lovin the urban images and find it so tasteful...that is so my style...Angie is amazing and I can hardly wait to work with some of her templates!

Sepa - see you tonight! I'm taking my cam to practice with all the different lighting so be ready to pose my friend with your rockstar hubby:)

Vaitai 6 said...

FOR REALS!!!! FULL STEAM AHEAD!~ I'm telling you the support you get from Dan will become invaluable as you continue. Love you girl! Love your goals!

Collin Loni and CY said...

Hey girl!! Thanks for the comment! I DO remember you! You are BEAUTIFUL! Your pictures are AWESOME! Good job! That aqua background was somewhere in SLC.. By the train tracks?? I would be more than happy to do an aerobics class for you ladies, but I don't know how upto it I will be in August.. I'm due in Sept with my 2nd baby! ;) Let me know if you would like it any sooner!! :) Take Care!