Thursday, February 12, 2009

Knowledge is POWER!

So here are some sample pictures from my first workshop with the Marings, and today was only day 1...we still have another full day with them tomorrow to learn even more! I know if I had the right lenses, and some software on my laptop I could really add the wow factor to these photos, but again these are raw and the only editing you see if cropping, and change of color. All these pictures are straight from my camera using existing lighting and no flash let me tell you about my day!

Where do I begin! From the moment I walked into my first intense workshop, Jennifer Maring greeted me with such a warm smile and welcome. Then her husband Charles walked in and was just as pleasant. I could already tell why they were so successful...and that was because they were so genuine, so personal, and they allow those qualities to spill over into their work. I thought to myself, are all photographers so nice??? and after spending 9 hours with 25 other photographers from all over the world, the answer is YES! I must of been the only one in the session, who was brand spankin new to all of this with my lil' D50 when many were rockin their Nikon D700s, Cannon 5D Mark II, and their googoogaga lenses! I absolutely loved every minute of it. I learned so much within this first session that I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around all of it. Although I was like the rookie in the most truest form of that word....these professional photographers were so willing to share and take time to help me understand my camera more intuitively. Then of course the Marings had an incredible presentation which was nothing but pure inspiration. They shared so many things from the start of their business, marketing strategies, photo techniques, etc... so here is a list of some of the things I learned today:

-Learned what the photography industry has done, and how it has evolved and continues to change.
-Using diversity to help your business flourish
-Motion picture quality with blends of video and stills
-Stimulation of clients and the impact stimulation can have on presentation
-Pricing: customizing price quotes for each client...not having an a la carte, or price list
-Making shoots a living experience
-Listening to clients and making an educated pitch
-How to make your work distinctive and of a higher standard
-Designing a website, showit sites
-Creating an experience for clients
-Capturing our clients life in its truest form
-Methods of capturing customized and personal images
-How to engage with clients when taking photos and not hide behind the camera
-Identifying what will make an image hit home for clients
-Learned how to use Lightroom, Aperture, Iview, Photoshop, Flash, NIK effects 2.0, InDesign, ICal, Final Cut Studio, Premier, etc....tons of software
-Learning how to set up a studio
-After consulation, identifying timeless emotions for shoot
-How to market your photos
-Learned about senior shoots
-Efficiency with workflow; workflow simplified
-Wedding workflow managment
-How to create albums: proof albums using Aperture, albums of kind using LuxArt
-Must have gear and lenses and why
-Lighting indoor and outdoor
-Marketing for todays generation: many like to carry their lives with them all the time
-Utilizing technology to gain an edge in market
-Looking for uninterrupted history when taking pictures
-Studio vs. Location shoots
-How to deliver final products and ways to reel clients in to see value of purchasing more
-Know when to turn down money if there is no chemistry between photographer and clients
-Giving incentives to clients and when to use with packages
-How to generate buzz and advertisement
-Importance of networking and building relationships with others in the industry
-How to seperate yourself from competitors
-Posing; how to pose fashionably, traditional, vintage, raw
-How to take good photos despite location, lighting +/-, and focusing on image
-Being aware of Action sets and avoiding novelty photos
-How to reduce workflow by working camera to your fullest
-Cannon 5D MII, learning how this camera and others like it are marking a revolution for the photography industry......

Okay as if that wasn't enough, but you can imagine I was taking notes like a madd woman....however, instead of being bothered by my writing cramp once the 8th hour rolled in, I could of cared less how much fingers/hand hurt because I wasn't going to miss one word of expertise being offered tonight. So I know alot of my pictures have noise but I tried! So the saying Knowledge is power comes to mind because even though I'm still new to much of this, the knowledge piece is really connecting the dots for me. I can't wait for my first wedding! The secrets and tricks of the trade I've picked up just within today has helped to identify what I can do to really set myself apart from my competitors. For anyone questioning WPPI, there is no way you can walk away from this convention without learning something new. I seriously feel and know this is going to be life changing for me as I apply the principles and skills I obtain here. Can you imagine photographing Donald Trumps wedding....which by the way their pictures were to die for! Jennifer and Charles Maring are a powerhouse couple who has the photography industry down to a tee! I am so loving this conference and can't wait to spend another full day with the Marings!


Anonymous said...

OMG. Totally LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE your pics! Wow. Only day one and I already see SUCH A DIFFERENCE in your work! I'm lovin' your blog...please keep updating ME (and the rest of your fans) as I can hardly wait to read your next post. I'm sure you're missing your babies tonight...but I don't have to tell you that this sacrifice will PAY OFF big time. Good job, Seini!

Kayleen T. Photography said...

Dang it sounds like that was a good workshop! These turned out great Seini! I love #5 from the bottom.

sepa said...

great job, lady! so sorry i missed your call, but so happy to see that you're getting a ton out of the workshop, and are working the D50. never mind what gear others have, your D50 really is the engine that could. :) call me today when you get a chance. i'll make sure to have my phone on me. xox

Joan Solitario said...

This is the FIRST TIME someone has made me want to go to WPPI! I guess I'm just a chicken and never decided to go because I wouldn't know what to expect... okay Seini, I'm definitely going to prepare for NEXT YEAR! :) You're sooo awesome and I'm so glad I found you online!!! Great job with the pics and can't wait to see MORE photos!!

Vaitai 6 said...

SEIN!!!! HOw exciting!!! I am so excited to meet up with you in Vegas... you seriously have psyched me UP for this workshop and trade show. SO exciting!!!! These pictures look so good... I can just imagine how AMAZING these would look with different lenses. Can't wait!!!

Corinna See said...

Hi Seini, It was nice meeting you in Charles and Jennifer's class. I'm settled in our room. I hope you get something out of the buisness meeting. I'm going to pass on it tonight. I'm beat. I loved seeing your pics from the class posted here on your blog! I hope to see you around. :)

Brittney Hale Photography said...

Im so happy for you, okay maybe a little jealous too- but all good!!! I so wish i was in vegas right now... next year. What amazing shots you got at your workshop, no flash huh, thats my hangup. I know you love J* so post all about her if you happen to cross paths. Lucky you!! Keep up the great work.

Spahulu Photography said...

Thanks girls for all your support! This conference seriously has gotten me so pumped about my goals, and projection of where I want my work to be within this next year. Learning from the best in the business is what it is all about! Listening to powerful and real experiences just makes my dreams seem so reachable! Lets definitely plan for next year gals, Ronnie, Kayleen, Sepa, Joan, L, and Brittney....if anything this conference will help ur business to make leaps this as you discover what your counterparts are doing to be so successful!

Corinna, we missed you at the wedding! Your girl Ginger was gettin down on the dance floor. I'm sure we'll cross paths tomorrow though:) So nice to meet you, and thank you for all the great tips! Maybe I'll see you at the Nikon booth!

Crystalyn said...

beautiful work.

when do you get back?

BDStudio Photography said...

great work! keep the faith and you'll do fine! glad I was able to meet you guys as well as audrey, corinna,gary etc Billie