Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Photography

Jerry Ghionis, Bussick, Tucci, Bambi, all these names have more significance as I met and listened to their presentations at WPPI. I admire their work and will use their knowledge to find my own style. I loved that these photographers stepped outside of the traditional shots, and found art through contemporary, edgey, fashionable portraits. Who doesn't want to feel like a super model? And what better occassion than ones wedding to make them feel totally fabulous! Why wedding photography? Alot of my desires to specialize here stems from the fact that after spending a good chunk of "money that folds, and not jingles" on our wedding, a full fledged 3 day cultural celebration, our wedding photographer left us stranded. Yup, my husband and I have nothing to show for our wedding other than pictures that were snapped by other people. We have about 14 VHS videos though that our videographer provided. But who wants to watch hours and hours of footage....not me! I'm sure there is a way to print pictures from the video, but still....our photographer did us so wrong! So I plan to be that photographer that I should of had! What a special role photographers play as we get to participate in such a joyous event capturing, documenting, and using a journalistic approach to get real expressions of that day. I've participated in many weddings but always on the other end of things; floral, decor, planning, etc. I'm so excited for the weddings I have lined up with my sis L within the next few months! So here are a few pointers I picked up from WPPI about wedding photography:

-Be proactive but unobtrusive
-Learn to anticipate
-Capture the uninterrupted moments
-Get expected shots done early
-Consultation=chemistry with client, communication, expectations
-Know whats in your bag; BACKUPs
-Timing of posed portraits
-Stick to timeline
-Ceremony and traditions
-Money Shots
-Reception schedule
-See beyond what is there
-Be one with your assistant of 2nd shooter
-Lighting Techniques

I see that all photographers have a recognizable style, which is an important reason why clients choose them. I hope to find a consistent stylistic thread that becomes a catalyst for clients booking me. One sweet day!:)


Ronnie said...

OMG, I cannot believe what happened w/ your wedding photog! Wow! That is so sad. Well on a better note I love ALL the pictures you took! You made a good point about "who doesn't want to feel like a supermodel?!" It's the one day a girl can be fie'lelei!!!

Maka said...

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. I've heard a few nightmare stories from the clients that I've met with. I'm excited that you've chosen to specialize in wedding photography. It's very challenging, but oh so rewarding! I love to come home after a wedding shoot, and find little gems that surprise me.

I still get nervous before every wedding, because I want to be sure to meet expectations, but wedding photos are my favorite. Anyways... I have a couple lined up each month all the way through summer, and you mentioned wanting to accompany me on some. Well, sorry I can't take you to Florida and Cali with me, but I do have some local ones in March, April and May if you are interested! Just let me know. I think it would be fun!

Loving your work by the way!