Friday, February 27, 2009

Sione's BIG 3-0!




Finally, I've figured out how to post these pictures from Sione's 30th suprise bday party.  Keiti and Sione are the cutest couple, and I loved seeing the anticipation and excitement that Keiti had for Sione as she put this big bash together (without him knowing) - now that takes true talent.  The bash was celebrated at the Wells Fargo Building on the 23rd floor, and boy was it a view to die for of salt lake city!  Suprise party guests were Siones and Keiti's closest family members and friends.  Up until the moment Keiti and Sione entered the building we all stood (I was crouched down in a corner trying to get their shot walking up to the door) in suspense waiting for the que to say, "Suprise!".  You did a great job Keiti planning but more importantly showing the love you have for Sione on his big day!  Thank you for allowing me to part of your family's special day!  

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