Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Marketing 101

I figure since I want to specialize in weddings, I need to start taking pictures of rings.....Isn't that a beautiful ring? I have to give a shout out to my husband who provided this piece of work 8 years ago when we decided to get married. When we had initially gone ring shopping, I had picked just a small princess cut diamond because I wasn't trying to start out our marriage with debt and was pretty satisfied with just living on "love" alone. Then to my suprise at our engagement party, he suprised me with this sucker....I was in shock, and of course thought to myself, "he's got good taste and is definitely a keeper!" :) My husband is always so proud when he sees this ring. Funny thing is, to this day my mother in law still claims shes the one that picked out the ring...and they can go back and forth for days. However, I'm just grateful for this beauty! Thank you Hun.

Anyways, as I've reviewed my notes, there were quite a few workshops I attended related to Marketing that I will share in this blog. I attended the business institute which really helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I've discovered this passion of photography, I learned that passion itself drives motivation which results in action. Think about it....if you are starting your own photography business, ask yourself why? As Mitche Graf asked, "is it the joy of being self employed and ability to dictate your own hours? is it the ability to dream your own dreams and reach your own stars? or is it the ability to "breathe life" into your own business creation and watch it grow and profit"....sometimes these answers can drive one to put everything on the line, and without the passion to back it up, it won't happen.

I must of sat in at least 7 different 2 hr sessions which revolved around marketing, selling, and pricing. However, some of the reoccurring themes I gathered was that as photographers we have a life outside of photography that needs to always be in sight. I really appreciated that because just getting started in this business I'm seeing just how easy it is to get too get so busy with photography. The time spent away from my family is so precious considering that I am already working full time during the week aside from photography. The bottom line was that we need to look for effective and innovative ways to create/take our businesses to the next level of sales and profitability so you can have the freedom to attain your own personal goals in life. Basically, effective marketing allows you to have a life outside of photography.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
-Good marketing is not an expense; its an investment
-Know yourself and your priorities
-Know your clients, and understand them
-Be objective
-Broaden your reach and services
-What sets you apart from other photographers? or separate yourself visually
-Embrace Technology
-Building relations is key to building business
-Be the key connector for people
-What are you selling?
-Earning referrrals
-Stop trying to be perfect, start trying to be remarkable
-Place yourself in the path of your clients
-Let your photography speak for itself
-Viral marketing
-Creating partnerships & networking

For the sake of not writing a novel, those were a few key points made when marketing. Stay tuned for tomorrow!


angie b said...

Man I am so glad I found your blog. I have just spent a while going back and reading most of your posts! Loving that you are sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us. Keep it comin'!!
I wish I had known about the SLC Library workshop too. WHere in the world do you find all these great classes?
Well, I better get to bed! I will be back!
Keep on Keepin' on girl...love your blog!

Spahulu Photography said...

Thanks Angie! You are too sweet. Seriously, if there is anything that you want more information about please just let me know. My 300 pages of notes is seriously like a lil' treasure as I read and apply what i have learned. I'm trying real hard not to write novels so for the sake of space and time I'm keeping these posts pretty minimal, but if you want me to expound let me know and I'd be more than happy to share!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Ring! I love it! I still remember the first time i saw it, LOL... I was soo nervy I questioned you on how many carats it was and how much it cost... Dang, I miss those PUA Club days. lol. Whats your email addy so I can add you to my blog.

Spahulu Photography said...

Naht, so good to hear from you! How come I've been trying to convince your SIL to join me in photography....please add me to your blog, I'd love to keep in touch! spahulu.photography@gmail.com
So when you and Billy decide to tie the knot, let me know:) Dem PUA days were so much fun! I still loved my OG group when I first started and love hearing from you guys. We're suppose to get together sometime soon with all the girls so give me ur number so you can join us! Much luv girl! Tell Billy I said Hi!

Oto said...

I got your text and texted you back...let me know what I can do for you. My new # 403-5141....thanks Seini!

Ronnie said...

LOVE the bling!!! You're right - he's a keeper!