Friday, February 27, 2009

Pouha's & Kaufusi's



Again thank you Keiti and Sione for a fun night with you and your loved ones!  Happy Bday Sione, and I must say that after this stunt, its gonna be hard to out do your wife's suprise production:)  I also have to thank Tema and Sepa for assisting me with this event.  You gals rock, and none of this would of been possible without you two!


Maka said...

Cool shots! r u gonna be at the open mic this weekend?

Vaitai 6 said...

OK Jane... I am so diggin' the solo pic of the grandma on the right hand corner. SO awesome. I wanna see that one enlarged and enhanced. I love that you shot on the shadow side. So nice!

Ronnie said...

I SO AGREE with 'Vaitai 6'...i love that pic of the grandma. You really should enlarge it!

Jonni said...

So pretty. I am with the others who commented above, the shot of Grandma is so great. Of course all of the photos are, but I just love the one of Grandma and also the grandpa hands one. I can just feel the wisdom and years of experience that lie in those hands.

What a beautiful family and I know they will treasure these photos for years to come. :)