Saturday, February 28, 2009





Mana Poly Allstars are stars in our book.  In fact, the last collage below is my son's rockstar!  Thank you Kalani and Sepa for inviting us to da bomb concert! We are so grateful for your love and friendship.  You guys are the best!:) 
It had been a while since Dan and I attended a concert, so this night out was a treat as we got to sneak away from the kids to hang out.  I must say MPA band members are so genuine, down to earth, and talented gifted with music.  If you haven't listened to MPAs tracks, you are missing out. My favorite songs are, "ready and willing" and "nice it up".   MPA has come along way as they have fans across the U.S. and are recognized internationally.  This concert was jammed packed and the crowd was ready to jump on the stage.  I almost feared that Kalani was going to get attacked by some of the women in the front at one point.  Many of these band members are close friends and relatives which makes their show more meaningful for us.  I was so excited to take pictures of this event, and I must thank Maka for helpin a sistah out as he lent me some of his equipment to help capture some of these moments.  We were skankin' all night long!  


sepa said...

hey lady, you've been busy! are you getting any sleep at all? kudos on all the hard work. love you guys!

Vaitai 6 said...

I was just checking to see what time you posted this.... talk about NO SLEEPING IN on your day off. lol! Love your collages! And the Photoshop class is SO geared for me- a beginner. Thanks again for the link. You're so awesome!

Brittney Hale Photography said...

Looks like fun!!! These are really great shots, your are doing some awesome work. Are you going to the shoot on march 21st for bschoolers? Im gonna do my best to be there... then we can finally meet, Yay!

Maka said...

Lookin good! I've been looking forward to seeing how your shots came out! Great job!

Ronnie said...

it's been a while since Dave and I have been to concert, too! miss those days! anyway, great job seini...i love middle picture of the last collage - makes me feel like i was there!

Jonni said...

Oh these are GREAT! What a fun concert and you really captured MPA beautifully. That type of lighting is so hard to get good shots in and you totally rocked it.

Hope you guys had fun night! :)